Tips for Florida RV Summer Storage

If you’re not going to be using your RV this summer or early fall, you’ll need to get it prepped for storage. Whether you are storing a motorized or non-motorized RV, the process is the same except for the extra steps you need to do for the engine in a motorized RV.


Empty the fresh water holding tank and the hot water heater. Turn the water pump and all of the faucets on to ensure that there is no water in the plumbing lines. Flush the toilet, ensuring that all of the water runs out. Empty the black and gray tanks. Leaving the black tank hooked up to the dump station, pour three or four buckets of water down the toilet to rinse the tank. If you have a tank rinse, you can skip that step and just run the tank rinse. Once you know all of the water is out of the system and all of the tanks are empty, turn the faucets off.


Remove all food, even canned food, from the cabinets. If you have a climate controlled storage area, you can leave the canned goods in as they won’t freeze and burst. Anything that is in containers that can be chewed through and anything that has an expiration date that is during the time your RV is in storage should be removed.


While your RV is in an enclosed storage, there is less chance that mice will get inside, but if the RV is in a carport-type storage or outside, store all pillows, blankets and other materials in plastic. Leave mattresses on the beds.


Add gas stabilizer to the generator’s gas tank. Run the generator for about 10 minutes to run the treated gas through the system. If the tank is easy to drain, remove the gas that is left in the tank; or run the generator until it runs out of gas if there is just a bit in the tank. Turn the fuel off.

Visit RV Connections

Stop by RV Connections before you hit the road on your next trip or before you put your RV in storage. In either case, the techs at RV Connections in Panama City can help you get your RV ready for the road or for storage. If you don’t feel comfortable prepping your rig for storage, let a technician take care of it all for you.

RV Service Specials at RV Connections


Whether you’re a snowbird tuning up your RV for another season of travel or are preparing to store your home on wheels for winter, fall is one of the most important times of year for RV maintenance. Performing the proper RV maintenance will keep your RV in top shape, so you can continue to enjoy it year after year.

RV Connections is offering an array of specials to make your fall RV maintenance more affordable this year. The following are a few of our top specials, but be sure to log online or give us a call to find out about them all.

Seasonal Maintenance Package

Our Seasonal Maintenance Package will help you prepare your RV for another season of travel. This package includes air conditioner service, a battery check, an exterior inspection, an LP inspection, water heater service and refrigerator service, so you can hit the road with confidence. This entire package is available for just $309.95 for a limited time.

45-Point Inspection

Our RV Connections 45-point inspection means our RV experts will thoroughly inspect your coach inside and out to find any issues that may cause trouble down the road. Inspecting your RV regularly can save you big bucks in the long run. This package includes an in-depth analysis of the interior and exterior features of your RV for just $198.

Complete Roof Reseal

The long summer camping season probably wasn’t easy on your home away from home. A complete roof reseal will prevent water leaks and sealant erosion to prolong the life of your RV. The price is based on unit length and ranges from $199.98 to $495.

Rubber Roof Inspection

Maintaining the roof of your RV is so important that RV Connections offers free estimates on full roof replacements. Our prices are some of the best in the industry, and our certified RV repair technicians can handle any roof of any size.

Service Specials at RV Connections


Performing the proper service and maintenance on your RV is the best way to prolong its lifetime. Here at RV Connections, we make RV repairs and maintenance easy, stress-free and affordable, so you don’t have to dread dropping your recreational vehicle off with us. The following are a few of the service specials we’re offering right now to help you start the summer RV season in the right direction.

Roof Preventative Maintenance

Many RV travelers forget about roof maintenance, because they don’t see the roof of their RV as much as they see the interior. Most RV manufacturers recommend roof treatments twice a year. We’re offering roof preventative maintenance for your RV here at RV Connections for $247.50. Taking this small step to maintain your RV can save you big bucks in the long run.

45 Point Inspection

Letting our RV experts inspect your coach from top to bottom is one of the top steps you can take to ensure your coach remains reliable on the roads. The 45-point inspection includes an in-depth analysis of your vehicle that’s intended to prevent expensive repairs. A 45-point inspection, for just $198, can save you big bucks while providing piece of mind on your travels.

The Seasonal Maintenance Package

Before the summer RV season begins, you’ll want to make sure your RV is ready inside and out. The Seasonal Maintenance Package includes an LP inspection, water heater service, refrigerator service, battery check, air conditioner service and an exterior inspection. This package eliminates the chance of arriving at the campground to discover your air conditioner has stopped working in the winter months.

Complete Roof Reseal

A leaky roof can cause huge problems inside your RV, but here at RV Connections, a leaky roof is easy to fix. Our complete roof reseals range from $199.98 to $495, and they effectively prevent water leaks and sealant erosion. Your RV is a big investment, and roof reseals help you protect it.

Give us a call, log online or stop in and see us to learn more about our extensive service menu.

RV Connections: A Member of Route 66 Dealer’s Network

RV connections proud member of route 66 networkThere’s really nothiing more important in today’s economy than trust. Whether you’re talking about buying an RV or a camper, or just grabbing a cup of coffee at the diner, the fact is that trust, not money, is what really counts these days. When you’re looking for an RV dealer in Panama City, one of the brands you’re going to want to look for is the Route 66 Dealer’s Network.

As a part of the Route 66 network, RV Connections helps to connect Florida RVers with all sorts of benefits only available to members of the network. Namely, you have access to a whole fleet of technicians and repair professionals who will give you the kind of attention you’d expect to see paid to a fighter jet at an Air Force base or a stock car hitting the pit stop. Members of the Route 66 Network enjoy service at over 1,200 dealer service bays, including RV Connections, and 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

When you’re in the car, you don’t really need the kind of service offered by the Route 66 Network. The truth is that breakdowns usually take place on the way to or from the office, and you’re not as likely to be stuck fifty miles from the nearest gas station waiting for a tow truck. In your RV, there’s no telling what might happen, so maintenance and service are key.

It’s not just about keeping your RV running, it’s about resting safe in the knowledge that no matter what happens, you’re covered. Knowing that you’re coming up on a spark plug change or that you’re driving on a new axle can leave you feeling unsure of whether or not you should take that road trip you’d had planned. Simply put, the Route 66 Network provides a safety net of sorts so that you’re always prepared for the next adventure.