Going Green in Your RV


Earth Day has been around for a number of years and yet there is always something new to learn. At RV Connections, we have an appreciation for the resources our planet provides. With the convenience of life these days, it can be difficult to not be wasteful. Sometimes we just aren’t sure where to start. So, in honor of this smart holiday, we’ve got a few ways for you to make being kind to the planet much easier.


While the goal may seem unattainable, there are many families who choose to reduce their waste to as close to 0 as possible. Using observant elements from the point above, you could dramatically reduce the number of bags you throw in the dumpster. One helpful hint is to dig a hole and throw in leftover food items. Cover with dirt and leaves then water and repeat after meals. Something else that seems obvious but is often overlooked is buying less. So many times you have the best of intentions when it comes to buying everything from food to clothes and a lot of it goes unused. The food is thrown away! Avoid wasting money and resources by paying better attention to what you really need. Got too much? Donate to a local shelter.


This may seem quite obvious to most but there is a lot that is left out of those recycle bins. While the most obvious are usually respected as something to put in, there are many overlooked items that could accompany the paper, plastic, and aluminum objects. Ever order pizza in your camper? Those boxes are recyclable; as are the cardboard boxes you most likely have aboard with food inside. Ever use plastic utensils, in a restaurant or at home? Guess what, those are recyclable, too! Before you throw anything out, be sure to do a once over and look for that familiar triangle of arrows. Your local landfill will thank you.

With so many ways to give back to the planet, why does anyone waste? Being lazy is not a valid reason for not being mindful. What are your favorite ways to stay green aboard your motorhome? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Summer Safety Tips for Your RV Lifestyle

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The weather is heating up here in Panama City, and that means its time for some much-needed fun in the sun. But before you pack your RV and hit the road to your summer vacation destination, be sure you’re prepared for your warm-weather travels with these summer safety tips.

Pack Plenty of Sun Protection

It seems obvious to pack sunscreen for your summer vacation, but other items like sun shades, UV-protective clothing and sunglasses are more easily forgotten. Try to avoid being in direct sunlight between the hours of 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and if you’ll be outside during those hours, be sure to reapply sunscreen after sweating, swimming and every couple of hours.

Avoid Heat Illness

The hot summer temperatures in Florida can catch you buy surprise. Make sure you’re accustomed to the high temperatures before you start spending any time outside, and always keep plenty of liquids on hand when you do. And of course, never leave a passenger or pet in a parked vehicle for any amount of time.

Swim Safely

Whether you’re choosing to swim in the ocean, lake, river or swimming pool, the danger of drowning is always there. Make sure you’re always swimming with a partner and keeping a constant eye on your kids while they swim. Choose to swim at beaches and pools with lifeguards on duty whenever possible.

Keep Bugs at Bay

Pesky bugs are one of the downsides of summer time, but itchy, annoying and dangerous bites and stings can easily be prevented. Always use bug sprays including up to 30-percent DEET on kids and adults older than 2 months to prevent against disease-carrying insects. Avoid wearing (or dressing your kids in) brightly-colored clothing or scented perfumes, which can attract bees and other pesky bugs.

Start Your Summer Vacation at RV Connections

RV Connections in Panama City, Fla., is your home for new and used RVs, service, parts and accessories. So whether you’re in need of a new motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel to start your summer travels off right, or simply a few camping supplies to improve your travel experience, we’ve got you covered here at RV Connections.

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Great Travel Apps to Make Your Next Road Trip Easier Than Ever

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While RV travel often means going off the grid and trading our everyday technological lives for a breath of fresh air, there’s no denying that smartphones can be extremely handy on those long days on the road. From apps to help us get to our destination to those that help us enjoy the journey, these travel apps are must-haves for your next RV adventure.

GPS CoPilot

Although Google Maps may already be downloaded on your phone, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t download the GPS CoPilot app too. What’s so great about CoPilot? It’s an offline map program that works when you do decide to travel off the grid to places where cell phone service isn’t available. It’s ideal for travelers with limited data plans, poor cell phone service and those who cross borders in their RVs, and even better, paid upgrades are available to give you live traffic and map updates as well as turn-by-turn navigation in a wide variety of countries.

Camp and RV — Campgrounds Plus

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to shell out a few bucks for an app, and that proves true with Camp and RV Campgrounds Plus application. This app will help you locate any stopping place from luxury RV resorts to parking lots for those late night naps, and the straight-forward, easy-to-find information without any advertisements makes it well worth $9.99.

RV Checklist

Have you been using a pad and paper to list everything you need to do to prepare for a long RV adventure? Download the RV Checklist app, which is free for Androids and only $.99 for Apple products, and you’ll finally be able to leave home without a worry. With reminders ranging from your stabilizing jacks to your bocce ball set, you can customize your list, and the app will track your progress for you.

Before you hit the road for your first RV adventure of spring, don’t forget to stop by RV Connections in Panama City for all of your RV lifestyle needs from outdoor accessories to new and used RV sales. We’re your one-stop shop for RV sales and service in Florida, so come make RV Connections your go-to RV dealer today.

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Have an Olympics Themed Party in your RV

Olympic Cauldron

2010 Winter Olympics Cauldron – Photo by Scazon (Flickr Creative Commons)

The Super Bowl is over and with it all the tailgating parties leading up to the big day. Although football season has ended, there’s another “super” event on the agenda that is sure to inspire more creative tailgating excursions.

With the Winter Olympics set to go in Sochi, Russia, now’s the time to start planning a themed party for RV enthusiasts to get together and cheer their favorite teams. AT RV Connections, we are here to help you with all of your party needs. From chairs, tables, and grilling accessories to indoor and outdoor games suitable for kids and adults, we can help make your tailgating event a gold medal winner.


Make it a special party with Olympic banners and a variety of gold, silver and bronze silk ribbons hung inside and outside. Brighten up the festivities with an assortment of party lights, and make a statement with your own homemade Olympic torch.


The skies the limit when it comes to entertaining the masses at an Olympics themed party. Set up your own competitions so everyone has an opportunity to participate and win a gold, silver or bronze ribbon.

  • Set up a three-legged race competition for kids and adults
  • Lay out a running course and time it for the fastest competitor
  • Compete in a winter volleyball or darts tournament. If it’s snowing, that’s even better
  • If you have access to a snow-covered hill, set up sled races or compete for mini-downhill races
  • At the RV, keep those who prefer to watch the events on TV entertained with assorted board games


Having plenty of snacks, goodies, and main course items is a major part of any tailgating event. So you have time to watch and participate in your own Olympic games, keep it simple.

  • Combine forces and ask everyone attending to bring a dish. Make a list and check each one off as it’s assigned.
  • Order barbecue, ribs, and/or chicken from a local restaurant and pick it up prior to the start of the party.
  • If you prefer preparing food yourself, fire up the grill for hot dogs and burgers.
  • Bring an assortment of lunch meat, cheeses, and all the fixings, plus several loaves of French or Cuban bread to make sandwiches.

Let the games begin with a visit to RV Connections where you’re always a winner.

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Florida Events to Attend in 2014

Regardless of when you plan to travel, Florida is a great destination location. Whether you plan to travel during the winter or head down during the spring, summer, or fall, RV Connections will help you get there in comfort and style.

The Sunshine State offers a wide variety of events and festivals that will entertain everyone of all ages, year-round.

Gasparilla Pirate Invasion

The main pirate ship in the Invasion Gasparilla 2010

Photo by amanderson2 (Flickr Creative Commons)

Tampa has been celebrating the invasion of the city by pirates for more than 100 years. It begins on January 25 with the Jose Gaspar sailing up Hillsborough Bay followed by a brunch and a parade featuring the many krewes aboard their festooned floats. Think Mardi Gras atmosphere. The parade winds its way to downtown Tampa where the party continues into the night with live music on multiple stages.

Daytona 500

Racing fans have been making the trip to this annual event since 1959 and this year is no exception. On February 23, the track heats up as the leaders in the racing world compete for the coveted title. RVs, travel trailers, and pop-up campgrounds are available onsite.

Strawberry Festival

If you enjoy the sweet taste of these plump red berries, then the Strawberry Festival in Plant City is for you. Located approximately 25 minutes from Tampa and an hour from Orlando via I-4, the festival offers plenty of entertainment, rides, concerts from headliner musicians, handcrafted items, agriculture and horticulture displays, food, and plenty of strawberry goodies. The festival runs February 27 through March 9.

Firestone Grand Prix

For racing fans, the Firestone Grand Prix hits the streets March 28 – 30. Enjoy the excitement of the Indy Car series in downtown St. Pete. Plenty of entertainment, exhibits, music, food, beer gardens, and driver autograph sessions along with the races. RV parking spaces are available.

Clearwater Jazz Holiday

Jazz enthusiasts travel to Florida every year to attend this musical event in its 34th year. For three days, your ears will experience the best from legendary to new musical talent. The festival is scheduled for October 26 – 19.

Stop by RV Connections and take a look at their red tag inventory or if you’re interested in selling your current RV. If all you need is a tune-up, they’ll take care of that, too.

Holiday Tips to Make Your Season Bright

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Starting to feel a little dragged down by the holidays? You’re not alone. Buying gifts for everyone, untangling the Christmas lights and cooking extravagant meals can certainly get the best of anyone. So why not simplify the holidays this year?

It may sound crazy to spend the holidays in your RV at first. How will you fit a Christmas tree in there? But by following a few simple tips, you can cut a lot of the stress out of the holidays and enjoy a very merry season on the road.

Decorate Locally

Because your RV is probably so much smaller than your “brick and mortar” home, you’ll love how easy it is to decorate. And don’t worry about packing all of your old decorations for the trip; pick up new ones along the way at craft shops and farmer’s markets. You’ll love that each decoration has its own unique story, and if you buy all-natural decorations, you won’t have to lug them around with you after the holidays.

Spend Less, Experience More

A small Christmas tree in your RV means less space underneath it, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The holidays are known as a time for shopping, but you don’t have space for more stuff in your home on wheels. Try buying experiences and memories instead. For instance, if you’re traveling near RV Connections in Panama City, Fla., buy tickets to the Shipwreck Island Water Park or the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium.

Make New Traditions

Many of the stresses of the holidays come from traditions. You’ve got to cook all of the same dishes that your great-grandma did, or the entire family will be upset. You’ve got to hang 1,000 lights, or the neighbors will be disappointed. This year, make new memories at the campground you’re visiting. Have a potluck with other campers or roast s’mores by the fire instead of baking pie.

Come See Us

Don’t forget to swing by RV Connections to check out all of our new and used RVs that are ready to hit the road for the holidays. And before you leave, be sure to tell us why you enjoy spending the holidays in your RV.

How to Make the Holiday Season Special in Your RV

Deep Fried Turkey

Photo by Upendra Kanda (Flickr Creative Commons)

Most people associate the upcoming holiday with the changing of the leaves, pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon flavors, wrapping up in scarves, and sitting around a fire enjoying quality time with friends and family. For most people in Florida, we are out preparing for company by washing the RV wearing tank tops and shorts in 87 degree weather.

If you are looking for a different way to bring the fall season to your home, here are some ideas we suggest:

Decorating might help. Cutting out auburn, gold, and burnt orange leaves and hanging them from palm trees posted up on either side of the RV steps could be nice… or maybe just spruce up the inside. Set up the dining room table with pumpkin or leaf shaped table mats that can be found at your local Dollar Tree or Dollar General. Each store also has fall inspired kitchen towels you could use to dry off pots and pans from practicing your gourmet Thanksgiving Day feast. While you are there, pick up some serving platters for your appetizers, main course, and desserts. Last but not least, light a few sugar cookie candles and allow that sweet aroma to fill your trailers air. Neighbors and guests will be lining up to get a minute inside your RV. Making the inside of your RV smell and look like the holiday season can help make the days coming up special for you and your family.

Cooking works even better. Make this holiday season special by doing something different. Most cook their turkey in the oven. This year, deep-fry it!

Here is a quick recipe for a great deep-fried homemade turkey guaranteed to get rave reviews:

1. Remove the neck and giblets from the turkey cavity and rinse the inside and outside of the bird.


2. Dry the turkey well, inside and out, with paper towels.


3. Fold the wings of the turkey behind the bird’s shoulders and then remove the hock lock. Place turkey on a large wire rack.


4. Place a 10- to 12-gallon stockpot on a 12-inch propane gas burner with at least 100,000 BTUs and fill with vegetable oil. Light fire and heat oil to 390 degrees F.


5. Lower the well-dried turkey, breast first, into a deep-frying basket. Put on oven mitts and gently lower the basket into the oil.


6. Lift up the turkey and dip it into the oil again three or four times so the oil adjusts to the temperature of the turkey.


7. Fry the turkey while keeping the oil temperature as close to 365 degrees F as possible. Fry for about three and a half minutes per pound, until meat is golden and a deep-frying thermometer in the thickest part of the turkey thigh registers 175 degrees F.


8. Lift basket out of oil and drain turkey, including the cavity, in a roasting pan. Carve and serve after the turkey has cooled for 20 minutes.

Viola! There it is; a great deep-fried turkey recipe. From full-timers to snowbirds, invite friends, neighbors, or other families in the campground and spend this holiday season surrounded by friendly faces, great food and making RV Connections; make the holiday season special.

(Recipe from Ehow)

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