Florida’s Most Fantastical Beach Town

Photo credit: Shutterstock.com

If you’re still cruising through Florida for some last minute summer fun, consider checking out the community of Alys Beach. You’ve probably never heard of it, but don’t let that dissuade you from checking it out if you’re in the region.

It’s located in Panama City Beach off of the scenic Highway 30A and provides luxurious amenities alongside sunny beaches.

The main draw of the town is undoubtedly its appearance: all the buildings are uniformly white and possess similar architectural touches. This uniformity is the result of planning and community guidelines and makes the entire place look like something out of the Mediterranean.

The town is full of tourist opportunities, from shopping at upscale boutiques to dining at fine restaurants.

The beaches are full of white sand and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are emerald-hued.

Besides exploring the town and beaches, you can also check out the 20-acre nature preserve, which is meticulously maintained and curated for maximum beauty.

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Biking in the Florida Panhandle


Taking your bicycle out in the Florida Panhandle this time of year is a real joy. The weather is just right for a long, leisurely bike ride. If you’re exploring the Sunshine State in your RV and have some bikes in tow, why not check out one of these bike trails as you go? From beaches to woodlands, Florida’s got a trail with your name on it.

Timpoochee Trail

Following the length of CR30A southeast of Fort Walton Beach along the Gulf of Mexico, this asphalt trail comes in at 19 miles long and winds through beach communities and several state parks. You’ll encounter beaches, sand dunes, and dune lakes. This trail is ideal if you want to simply explore and take your time on one section. Stop in at one of the local towns along the way to do some shopping and dining.

Blountstown Greenway Bike Path

This trail goes along the former path of the Marianna and Blountstown Railroad. As such, a train exhibit is located along the path where is passes through downtown Blountstown. The trail is shaded by woodlands and is a pleasant 4 mile bike along an even asphalt surface. It passes across some streets, but traffic is light and the crossings are well-marked. Though it intersects the busy Route 20, there’s an underpass that allows you to totally bypass it.

St. George Island Bike Path

Located on St. George Island, a 22-mile long barrier island between the Gulf of Mexico and Apalachicola Bay, the bike path is 6-miles long and covered in asphalt and concrete. The path runs between Gulf Blvd. from W. 12th Street to the entrance of St. George Island State Park, which is a great place to spend a few hours before turning back around and heading back. The trail leads path many pristine sand beaches. There’s an additional 9 miles of trail available in the park itself if you’re not done biking.

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Fun Road Trip Games

While it may be the destination that inspired your road trip, it’s all of the stops and sights along the way that make the experience even more enjoyable. To keep your family and friends from getting bored on those long stretches between stops and during those long nights at the campsite, fill your road trip checklist with these exciting road trip games and boredom-fighting accessories.

Road Trip Bingo

Road trip bingo is the perfect road trip game for kids and adults, and it’s 100-percent free to play. Print off plenty of free bingo cards from online and give each player a pen or marker. Have everyone mark off the sites on their bingo card as you pass them, and be sure to keep prizes on hand for the winners. If you want to reuse the same cards multiple times, be sure you have hard surfaces for each player to use and plenty of pennies or other objects to mark the cards with.

Mad Libs

Take the “Worlds Greatest Word Game” on your next road trip to keep your driver and passengers laughing non-stop. Mad Libs are available as books, apps or downloads, so pick your favorite version and pack it in your RV.

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