Fun Road Trip Games

While it may be the destination that inspired your road trip, it’s all of the stops and sights along the way that make the experience even more enjoyable. To keep your family and friends from getting bored on those long stretches between stops and during those long nights at the campsite, fill your road trip checklist with these exciting road trip games and boredom-fighting accessories.

Road Trip Bingo

Road trip bingo is the perfect road trip game for kids and adults, and it’s 100-percent free to play. Print off plenty of free bingo cards from online and give each player a pen or marker. Have everyone mark off the sites on their bingo card as you pass them, and be sure to keep prizes on hand for the winners. If you want to reuse the same cards multiple times, be sure you have hard surfaces for each player to use and plenty of pennies or other objects to mark the cards with.

Mad Libs

Take the “Worlds Greatest Word Game” on your next road trip to keep your driver and passengers laughing non-stop. Mad Libs are available as books, apps or downloads, so pick your favorite version and pack it in your RV.

The Autonet Mobile Router

Sick of excessive data charges on your cellphone bill and having to avoid primitive campgrounds because they don’t offer free WiFi? Pack the Autonet Mobile router, and you’ll have 4G wireless internet access anywhere in your RV whether you’re cruising down the road or parked at a campground. Even better, the signal travels as far as 150 feet, so you can share your internet access with friends or use it in a hotel room with your vehicle parked nearby.

Get Road Trip Ready at RV Connections

Before you hit the road for your trip, no matter how long the drive, stop by RV Connections to make sure that your rig is outfitted and in shape for the rigors of the road. RV Connections can help by inspecting the state of your RV, which is an especially good idea if it’s been in storage for a while.

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