Games to Teach Your Dog on the Road

If you’ve got your dog traveling with you in your RV, they’re probably pretty well distracted by all the new sights, sounds, and smells on almost a daily basis. That being said, sometimes you might stop in at a campground or RV park for a longer stretch and your dog could get a bit bored.

If this ever happens, try teaching your dog a new game to play. Not only will they find it stimulating, but it will help strengthen your bond with your best friend.

Name Game Fetch

This game takes fetch to the next level. Not only will your dog have fun and tire himself out retrieving items, but they’ll learn some vocabulary to boot. You simply throw an item like you would during a normal game of fetch, but you’ll also name the item. Keep the names as simple as possible and consistent for maximum learning potential. Do this over and over again until your dog can successfully retrieve the right toy or item from a pile when you utter the word. Reinforce this learning with lots of treats.

Human Says

This is basically Simon Says for your dog. Run through all the tricks and commands your dog knows in a sequence. Vary up the order and pacing to keep your dog on his toes. Not only does this stimulate your dog’s brain, but it helps keep them brushed up on their repertoire of tricks.

Hide and Seek

If you’ve got a bigger group of people, whether your family or just some neighbors, you can get them together for a game of hide and seek starring your dog. Simply put your dog in the RV while everyone goes to hide in various spots around the campground/RV park, then unleash your dog to seek them out. To help keep your dog focused on task and give him a shot at finding people, you can instruct people to make small noises.

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