Going Green in Your RV


Earth Day has been around for a number of years and yet there is always something new to learn. At RV Connections, we have an appreciation for the resources our planet provides. With the convenience of life these days, it can be difficult to not be wasteful. Sometimes we just aren’t sure where to start. So, in honor of this smart holiday, we’ve got a few ways for you to make being kind to the planet much easier.


While the goal may seem unattainable, there are many families who choose to reduce their waste to as close to 0 as possible. Using observant elements from the point above, you could dramatically reduce the number of bags you throw in the dumpster. One helpful hint is to dig a hole and throw in leftover food items. Cover with dirt and leaves then water and repeat after meals. Something else that seems obvious but is often overlooked is buying less. So many times you have the best of intentions when it comes to buying everything from food to clothes and a lot of it goes unused. The food is thrown away! Avoid wasting money and resources by paying better attention to what you really need. Got too much? Donate to a local shelter.


This may seem quite obvious to most but there is a lot that is left out of those recycle bins. While the most obvious are usually respected as something to put in, there are many overlooked items that could accompany the paper, plastic, and aluminum objects. Ever order pizza in your camper? Those boxes are recyclable; as are the cardboard boxes you most likely have aboard with food inside. Ever use plastic utensils, in a restaurant or at home? Guess what, those are recyclable, too! Before you throw anything out, be sure to do a once over and look for that familiar triangle of arrows. Your local landfill will thank you.

With so many ways to give back to the planet, why does anyone waste? Being lazy is not a valid reason for not being mindful. What are your favorite ways to stay green aboard your motorhome? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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