Have an Olympics Themed Party in your RV

Olympic Cauldron

2010 Winter Olympics Cauldron – Photo by Scazon (Flickr Creative Commons)

The Super Bowl is over and with it all the tailgating parties leading up to the big day. Although football season has ended, there’s another “super” event on the agenda that is sure to inspire more creative tailgating excursions.

With the Winter Olympics set to go in Sochi, Russia, now’s the time to start planning a themed party for RV enthusiasts to get together and cheer their favorite teams. AT RV Connections, we are here to help you with all of your party needs. From chairs, tables, and grilling accessories to indoor and outdoor games suitable for kids and adults, we can help make your tailgating event a gold medal winner.


Make it a special party with Olympic banners and a variety of gold, silver and bronze silk ribbons hung inside and outside. Brighten up the festivities with an assortment of party lights, and make a statement with your own homemade Olympic torch.


The skies the limit when it comes to entertaining the masses at an Olympics themed party. Set up your own competitions so everyone has an opportunity to participate and win a gold, silver or bronze ribbon.

  • Set up a three-legged race competition for kids and adults
  • Lay out a running course and time it for the fastest competitor
  • Compete in a winter volleyball or darts tournament. If it’s snowing, that’s even better
  • If you have access to a snow-covered hill, set up sled races or compete for mini-downhill races
  • At the RV, keep those who prefer to watch the events on TV entertained with assorted board games


Having plenty of snacks, goodies, and main course items is a major part of any tailgating event. So you have time to watch and participate in your own Olympic games, keep it simple.

  • Combine forces and ask everyone attending to bring a dish. Make a list and check each one off as it’s assigned.
  • Order barbecue, ribs, and/or chicken from a local restaurant and pick it up prior to the start of the party.
  • If you prefer preparing food yourself, fire up the grill for hot dogs and burgers.
  • Bring an assortment of lunch meat, cheeses, and all the fixings, plus several loaves of French or Cuban bread to make sandwiches.

Let the games begin with a visit to RV Connections where you’re always a winner.

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