RV Connections: A Member of Route 66 Dealer’s Network

RV connections proud member of route 66 networkThere’s really nothiing more important in today’s economy than trust. Whether you’re talking about buying an RV or a camper, or just grabbing a cup of coffee at the diner, the fact is that trust, not money, is what really counts these days. When you’re looking for an RV dealer in Panama City, one of the brands you’re going to want to look for is the Route 66 Dealer’s Network.

As a part of the Route 66 network, RV Connections helps to connect Florida RVers with all sorts of benefits only available to members of the network. Namely, you have access to a whole fleet of technicians and repair professionals who will give you the kind of attention you’d expect to see paid to a fighter jet at an Air Force base or a stock car hitting the pit stop. Members of the Route 66 Network enjoy service at over 1,200 dealer service bays, including RV Connections, and 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

When you’re in the car, you don’t really need the kind of service offered by the Route 66 Network. The truth is that breakdowns usually take place on the way to or from the office, and you’re not as likely to be stuck fifty miles from the nearest gas station waiting for a tow truck. In your RV, there’s no telling what might happen, so maintenance and service are key.

It’s not just about keeping your RV running, it’s about resting safe in the knowledge that no matter what happens, you’re covered. Knowing that you’re coming up on a spark plug change or that you’re driving on a new axle can leave you feeling unsure of whether or not you should take that road trip you’d had planned. Simply put, the Route 66 Network provides a safety net of sorts so that you’re always prepared for the next adventure.